H&J's Tea House

Aggieland's first cat café

Open Tuesday-Sunday weekly Closed Mondays
1pm-5pm & 6pm-10pm


H&J's Tea House's first donation to Aggieland Humane. On the left is the owner of H&J's Tea House, Hao Ju.

Opening date: August 30th, 2021We are a small business owned and ran by Aggies! We strive to provide the best service we can and address any concerns as soon as possible.


If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please contact us through any of the following methods. As well, we will reply on any of our social medias so don't be afraid to send us a message!

3700 s Texas Ave Suite 550
Bryan, TX 77802
[email protected]

Welcome to our FAQ page!
These are just questions we receive quite often, but if you need clarification or further details feel free to inquire!

When is the Best Time to Come?

As far as the activity of the cats goes, the cats tend to be more awake/active the first hour after we open and the last hour before we close (1pm,4pm,6pm,9pm)! They also tend to wake up whenever someone purchases treats.
When it comes to customer traction, Weekday afternoons (Monday-Thursday 1-5pm) tend to be the least busy!

Can I work here?

Of course! When we have job positions open, we post them on our social medias. In the description of these posts, we usually have what is required of the applicant as well as what the job includes. If you're looking for a job here, keep your eyes peeled!

Can I pick up the cats?

No. In general, we do not want people picking up the cats since the majority of our feline friends do not enjoy it. Moreover, picking up cats that do not want picked up will likely lead to scratching, biting, or general injury to both the customer and the cat. We may allow select cats to be handed to you, but please bear in mind that the cats will likely try to leave (do not restrict them) even if they generally like being handled.

Where do you get these cats?

About half of the residential cats are retired show cats or retired breeder cats. For more info about each of the cats, check "about"! The adoptable cats are from Aggieland Humane Society or Laguna Madre Humane Society.

Can I bring my baby/toddler in?

No. For the safety of babies, young kids, and the cats, we do not allow children in that are under 5 years old. Cats are a known disease carrier and therefore it makes it risky to allow susceptible parties in. As well, children this young tend to have finite control over their motor skills and may grab, pull, or hit the cats on accident and get scratched or bit in response. To maintain a safe, stress-free life for our cats and a safe environment for our customers, babies and children under 5 years old cannot be allowed into the shop.

Can I adopt any cat in here?

No, not all the cats in here are adoptable. Our resident cats (found in the "about" section) will live out their lives in this café for as long as they are happy/safe doing so. However, we do occasionally have cats fostered from Aggieland Humane Society or Laguna Madre Humane Society that you are free to apply for! These cats have Purple or White collars on. Just ask an employee for an application and they will guide you through it all.